Coffee and Tea Tours in Rwanda 

Coffee and tea tours in Rwanda attract tourists as they come to discover some of the finest coffee that is only found within the land of a thousand hills and while on this tour, you will view the whole process of organic, natural brew from crop to cup.
Take a step back in time to learn and taste coffee picked, washed, roasted and ground by your own hand. The experience begins with a drive from Muhanga (Gitarama) town out to a nearby village, where you will be welcomed by the ladies of the cooperative. Then it is off to the field to the coffee plants & to harvest some of the cherries. The Cherries need to be washed before removing the pulp, so it’s off down into the valley to collect the water. At noontime, you’ll share a simple local meal with your host family, with plenty of time to chat and learn about each other’s lives. Then, its time to roast, grind and sieve the beans, before they can be turned into the perfect cup of traditional Rwandan coffee.

Coffee and tea tours

A Closer view of Rwanda Coffee, one of the country's leading cash crops

Coffee and tea tours

Gisakura Tea Plantation is one of the biggest tea estates in Rwanda

Coffee and Tea tours, routes and experiences in Rwanda

For the coffee and tea tour lovers, you can pay a visit to this huge tea plantation and is perhaps one of the best things that will happen to you a long time to come. You walk into this tea estate to adventure close the variety of parallel ridges of tea plus the attractive mountains that provide a beautiful backdrop for the plantation.
Tea is the largest export in Rwanda, the temperate climate and the fertile volcanic soil are also good for the growing plants that create this unique popular drink. The tea leaves can also be seen as it covers the mountains which in the end create a stunning contrast towards the blue skies, sunshine and the dirt roads. The visitors can also discover how this tea is harvested, processed and how it’s brought to taste sweet. The tea plantation safari also takes place in many locations across Rwanda with one major place being Nyungwe national park, Gisovu, and Gisakura. This is also a great family tour and the visitors of all ages are welcome.

Women harvesting a ready coffee plant near Lake Kivu

Coffee Experience tour in Lake Kivu

For a coffee experience, the shores of Lake Kivu offer a chance to experience one of the finest coffees in the world. The unique climate and terrain allows for a very high quality coffee to be grown which has a very distinct taste. The Arabica beans were grown here between 1468-1600 meters in some of the most picturesque farms one could think of.
On this trip, we shall take you up close and personal with this coffee, while Cyimbiri bay creates the backdrop, almost as if they do not want to take the joy of the blue water away from you. You meet the farmers, help in the farm (depending on the time of year, either harvest, tend, sort), visit the production chain processes and end up drinking that very coffee, which was traditionally roasted right in front of your eyes.
Have lunch in Gisenyi with Ingoboka coffee Cooperative representatives were you will be able to ask questions about Rwanda‘s finest Coffee that pleasures the people from around the world and also make lots of USD. This crop to cup coffee experience will be one of the highlights of your safari time in Rwanda and you will enjoy the taste of one of Africa’s best coffee in the land of thousand hills.

A Visit to Kinunu Coffee Washing Station

This station is found at the shores of Lake Kivu, a large ‘inland sea’ along Rwanda’s western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a magical place, with Bourbon coffee trees growing down steep, fertile hills right to the shore of the lake (whose surface elevation is 1460m).
At Kinunu some work is done manually the cherries are carefully hand sorted to make sure only red cherries are accepted. They are then pulped the same day almost always in the evening using a mechanical pulper that divides the beans into three grades. After pulping the coffee is fermented overnight (for around 12 hours) and then graded again using flotation channels that sort the coffee by weight (heaviest usually being the best). The beans are then soaked for a further 24 hours, before being moved to raised screens for ‘wet-sorting’ by hand – this is a task almost always carried out by women.
The sorted beans are finally dried in the sun on raised screens (‘African beds’) overlooking the lake and sorted again several times prior to milling.


A Visit to Kinunu Washing Station is an exploration of Coffee Making

Gisovu Tea is also a major contributor to Rwanda's export base

Visit the Gisovu Tea Estate

Gisovu tea estate is situated in the Karongi District of the western province in Rwanda about 4 hours drive from the capital city Kigali. Gisovu is situated at an altitude of 7,500 feet above sea level and close to the furthermost source of the River Nile in the nearby Nyungwe Forest.
Gisovu has ideal growing conditions for producing some of the finest teas in the world which have an international following and are highly sought after for their briskness, flavor and exceptional quality.
Spending time in Gisovu provides a wonderful respite from a hectic world. Enjoy the serene environment with friends or just relax with a good book and a drink.
You can also engage in community projects and activities like playing soccer, donating to the needy, sponsoring the tea estate, among others!

Huye Mountain Coffee Tour

We have designed a coffee tour that will enrich all coffee lovers and tourists that visit Rwanda for the first time. The detailed coffee tour will entail how it is grown, harvested, dried, roasted, ground, packed and finally delivered to our consumers. This study tour at Huye Coffee washing station right from the plantations gives a first-hand experience of coffee growing and its production.
Coffee Tour Experience is associated with the hiking up the mountain to view the scenery from above. At the end of each tour, visitors will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs such as Handcrafts and fresh roasted coffee.
Huye Mountain Coffee has a mission to promote coffee growing as cash crop in the region and organize coffee farmers into profitable and saving groups, and Increasing the quality and quantity of coffee crop production through best agronomic practices.

A Coffee Plantation in Huye Mountain Highlands

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