Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Gorilla Safari Reviews

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is one of the life changing activities tourists come for in Rwanda. With only an estimated population of880 Gorillas left in the world, coming to Rwanda to see these gentle creatures in their natural habitat is a truly amazing moment.

Gorillas make their homes in Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda amongst the bamboo-covered slopes of the Virunga Mountains in the Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda. Trek to see these gorillas and you’ll be introduced by your expert trackers and guides to one of the fully-habituated families of mountain gorillas. Once you find them, you will be allowed to spend one hour with the mountain gorillas, often crouching just a few feet away, whilst the gorillas go about their daily lives.

Trekking mountain gorillas can take from 30 minutes to 4 hours + depending on the family allocated to your group and their location. The journey back from the hike can take just as long, but you are often taken away by the excitement you feel at seeing the gorillas!

You will be given a pre-trek briefing on specific protocols and rules for visiting the gorillas that live within an altitude of 2500 and 4000m. Porters are available to help you carry backpacks and cameras, as well as helping you with your footing along your hike which can be hard work, but well worth it.

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When To Go To See The Mountain Gorillas In Africa?

Choosing the best safari lodge or accommodation during your gorilla trekking safari will depend on how much you can afford. Some lodges charge as high as, $900 while the budget ones can be pocket-friendly as low as $ 70 for a double room. Its all about the facilities, location, food, services and so much more.

Cost of a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Most Rwanda gorilla trekking tour operators or gorilla trekking companies in the beautiful Rwanda have different prices, both cheap and luxury options. The difference in the price depends on accommodation, vehicle, season and running costs of the company. Local companies will definitely charge lower than international travel agencies.

Sample Cost
  • 1 day gorilla tour  about $ 1700 to $ 1850
  • 2 days gorilla Rwanda $ 1900 to $ 2000
  • 3 Days gorilla tracking Rwanda $ 2100 to $ 3000.

Getting There: From Kigali To Volcanoes National Park Rwanda
Time by road: 2 h 18 min without traffic.
Distance: 109 km

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What To expect from Rwanda Gorillas?

Planning to go for gorilla trekking in Rwanda? Here are a few highlights for your experience as you Visit Rwanda. You have to wake up early morning, gorilla treks start i the morning meaning that you must find accommodation closer to the park entrance. Your African gorilla trekking day starts off with a briefing at 7 am about safety precautions as well as the etiquette.  There are over 80 gorilla tracking guides provided by the Rwanda Development Board, they are well trained and speak English and French. Together with other members of the group, you proceed to the forest and start the hike which may be tiring depending on your physical fitness. Remember they are called mountain gorillas so an element of hiking is a must. The adventure lasts anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The English-speaking forest guides are amazingly good and will lead you to the specific ‘habituated’ mountain gorilla group you were allocated, which certainly will be acquitted to human presence.

A mature silverback male gorilla may weigh as much as 200kg, or even 3 times the overall weight of an average man, however, the anxiety normally disappears once you set eyes on the group. Normally the gorilla group will be scattered over a small area of thick vegetation. They will carry on with their interactions and even feed without any concern of their human visitors although they will be observing you with interest. Rarely one, normally a playful youngster, will boldly approach you with inquisitiveness, at times coming really close that you will need to move away. (You are not allowed to move less than 7 meters close to them; this is to safeguard the gorillas from contagious human diseases.)  The climate in Musanze ( 1,700m above sea level) is mostly cold. Please carry along with warm clothing.

Cost of A Gorilla Permit in Rwanda 2019.

ORDINARY PERMIT : USD $1500 per person for all trekking visitors to Rwanda.

Special Exclusive Gorilla safari experience costs US$ 15,000
The behind the scenes gorilla trip for 3 days costs US$ 30,000 for 3 persons.

For professional photography as well as filming the mountain gorillas, you part with US$ 5000 for 3 days consecutively.If you are a large crew of 8 people, you willpay US $ 12,000

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