Cultural Tours In Rwanda

Rwandan rich culture and tradition, In this beautiful, tiny country of Africa, there are several sites of interests to travelers interested in learning about the culture and the people of Rwanda. We offer several tours that enable culture-minded people to learn, appreciate and experience the culture of the Rwanda people. Our culturaæ tours are filled with adventure visits to several cultural sites including genocide memorial sites and interactions with the Rwandan people. Get to us for a tailormade cultural safari in Rwanda through Our consultants will get back to you with various options depending on the number of days you have in Rwanda.
Cultural Sites in Rwanda
National Museum of Butare
The most prominent tourist attraction in Butare is the superb National Museum, which houses perhaps the finest ethnographic collection in East Africa. Absorbing displays of traditional artifacts are illuminated by a fascinating selection of turn-of-the-century monochrome photographs, providing insight not only into pre-colonial lifestyles, but also into the subsequent development of Rwanda as a modern African state
Genocide Memorial Sites
In Rwanda, there are several memorial genocide sites. These include Murambi, Gisozi, Gisenyi, Nyamata etc. We conduct several tours that will enable you see Rwanda’s genocide sites. Read more about Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites.