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Available Self-drive Cars

  • Toyota Rav4 From $45 Per Day
  • Toyota safari From Van $75 Per Day
  • Toyota Prado Landcruiser From  $75 Per Day
  • Toyota Safari Super Custom From   $75 Per Day
  • Extended Safari Landcruiser $180 Per Day
  • Customised Safari Landcruiser From    $120 Per Day

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Self drive Rwanda is one of the most convenient ways to get in and around Kigali-Rwanda. Are you planning to travel to Rwanda on a safari, business or leisure holiday and still searching for the ideal transportation means to get around, Happy Tours is excited to offer you Self drive Rwanda car fleet to help you explore Kigali city, national parks and nearby local attractions with all the freedom and privacy you surely deserve at affordable car rental rates and favorable terms that will suit your budget and personal needs.

Whether you want to rent a safari car simple sedan, mini-bus or luxury car for self drive Rwanda trip around Kigali, national parks or any other popular destination. We are ready to offer it to you based on unlimited mileage which means you can travel to anywhere at your own pace and time you will be able to get that African road trip adventure you have always dreamed of. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will send a mechanic plus a replacement if need be.

Not only is self drive Rwanda the cheapest car hire option, but it also offers you all the freedom & privacy your deserve for that adventure you have always dreamed of. We understand how fascinating it is to drive your self to a national park or around Kigali city with just a GPS to direct you and that’s why we will get you a car suited for both the smooth city streets as well as the rough off-beaten Rwanda park tracks.



The Toyota Rav4 is a small 4-door that can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably with an air-conditioner , comfortable seats and adequate cargo space in rear. The Rav4 is by far the cheapest and ideal best car option for a self drive Rwanda tour.


Rwanda Car Rental, rent a car rwanda, rwanda car hire, car hire rwanda, safari car hire rwanda, 4x4 car hire rwanda, rwanda self drive, car rentals in rwanda, kigali car rentals

The Land Cruiser Prado is another car we offer a self drive Rwanda trip. This Land Cruiser series car can accommodate up to 5 passengers with an adequate cargo space in rear and roof top, ideal for guided and  self drive trips in and around Rwanda.


4x4 Safari Mini Vans

The Safari Land cruiser is a recommended for self drive Rwanda trips. It can accommodate up to 8 pax comfortable with customized features that include a pop-up roof, fridge box and a spacious cargo space deemed ideal car for guided park tours.


The Toyota Safari Van is one of the most popular safari cars used for group tours to parks and remote destinations. It can accommodate up to 8 pax and a pop-up roof that offers tourists a chance to peep out and get clear view of the wildlife & landscapes.


Rwanda Car Rental, rent a car rwanda, rwanda car hire, car hire rwanda, safari car hire rwanda, 4x4 car hire rwanda, rwanda self drive, car rentals in rwanda, kigali car rentals

This Customized Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the safari land cruisers with roof top tents. Happy Tours is the leading car rental agency offering this land cruiser that comes with customized plans and very good interior features at affordable rates.


The Toyota Super Customa Hiace Van is one of the comfortable vehicles much recommended car while on a holiday trip or simply a self drive Rwanda excursion. With a seater capacity of 8 pax, Super custom vans have enough space for your luggage.

How do I rent a Self  drive car in Rwanda? 

To rent a car from us for self drive Rwanda journeys you must be eligible; have a valid driving license indicating the names of the person who is to drive the car plus a valid passport because you are not allowed to drive if you do not own a driving license. Age is not considered mostly but it has to be reasonable as young kids below twenty years can not be granted permission to use our cars.

On the day of issuing a car to you a photocopy of your valid driving license and passport are required to be left with us for security purposes, and we please advise that you read through our car rental terms and conditions provided in a hard copy which you must follow if you decide to go by them. 

If you decide to book a self drive car, you must go by our terms and conditions in the agreement.

Self Drive Rwanda Tips

Whether you’re planning a self drive safari Rwanda holiday, it is important to equip yourself with self drive tips to stay safe while on your safari and at the same live in accordance with the laws governing the community.

Drive slowly: It is just the trick behind spotting what others or what you would have missed. Secondly the max speed limit in game reserves is 40kms/hrs.

Get a good pair of binoculars: Finding a good pair of binoculars will help you clearly spot even the far animals like Monkey, leopard or lion lazily hitching and sleeping in a far tree off the track.

Listen Carefully: While on a self drive safari, the rhythm of the wild is not only interesting but also a heads up for a spectacular sighting.
For detailed driving tips, please click here

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