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Happy tourz offers tour guiding services all around Rwanda and Uganda to different destinations. Rwanda, a small landlocked East African country gifted with a green, mountainous landscape (This is why it is often referred to as “Land of Thousand Hills“). Rwanda is renown for its famous Volcanoes National Park, home to hundreds of mountain gorillas and golden monkeys which many tourists come to explore and associate with on a trip to Africa. The park encompasses 4,507m-tall Mt. Karisimbi and 4 other forested volcanoes.

Our Tour Guiding Services

Happy Tourz offers unique and affordable adventurous tours with extensive unique and affordable itineraries. Our tour guiding services start all the way from the arrival of the traveler at the airport through to their listed destination and accommodation options. Whether you are visiting Rwanda for either gorilla trekking, chimp tracking or primates watching tours, or even birding safaris, expect to be led by experienced tour guides who will offer expert assistance in answering questions from the travelers, teaching others about the landscape and wildlife of Rwanda among others.

Are you Planning a trip to Rwanda? Get in touch with our tour guides, tell us where and when you want to go, make a wish list of what you want to explore on your trip and we surely promise that our experienced and friendly local guides will  help you come up with a tailormade itinerary that will fit in both your budget and pocket!

What Makes our Tour Guiding Services Unique?

As long as you book a tour with Happy Tourz, our guides will be of much help and assistance to ensure that you get the best out of your holiday in Kigali, Rwanda. We will Book you a Gorilla permit, Plan your transport arrangements for getting around, take care of your accommodation among others. And this is why you should consider choosing Happy Tourz for the best of tour guiding services on an African trip experience. Below, we detail to you why you should consider tour guiding services from Happy Tourz;

  1. Our tour guides are licensed and registered members with established umbrellas and stakeholders in the tourism business, such as the Uganda Safari Guides Association, where they receive extensive training to give you the amazing tourism experience.
  2. Our tour guides are also drivers; This surely means that you choose a guide who is diligently going to not only offer information about the adventures in the wild but also drive you around through the different locations and destination while on your trip.
  3. Not only are our guides drivers, but they are incidentally good mechanics too (at least some elementary knowledge about motor mechanics).  This is a guarantee that as you navigate through the remote areas on the tour, they are able to offer immediate help if any breakdown happens (such as a tire puncture) so as to keep you moving.
  4. Our awesome tour guides also are equipped with the basic first aid knowledge and should you get any health problem while on the tour, they will be in position to provide first aid to you. And this is the same reason why all our safari vehicle are equipped with a first aid kit box.
  5. Our guides are very experienced about the countries culture, history, fauna and flora and expect that they will provide reliable, update and quality information about the country, the primates, traditional practices, historical backgrounds, and so on…to satisfy your tour expectations.
  6. Tour guides from Happy Tourz are time conscious. We understand that time is crucial in the daily aspect of life and this is why our guides are trained to be punctual all the time. From the time of your arrival at the Airport, tour guides are always there on time, through to your adventures while on the itinerary, even if it means waking up as early as 4:00 am, they will always be there for you, at least fifteen minutes before.
  7. Our guides are also multi-lingual, this means they are trained to speak at least 3 languages (English, Local Language and an additional international language (like German and French, or Swahili), so as to be flexible in interaction with a variety of tourists from different countries across the world.
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tour guiding services
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